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Sephora's Goodies!


Sorry for the lack of updates this month, been preoccupied with lots of things. Hopefully I will be able to add some reviews soon. ^.^

Finally received my Sephora package that I bought through Amazon. (one more pending...)

This contends most of the Hello Kitty stuff that I have purchased from Sephora.


The goodies!


First up, Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set (US$35)

These are simply adorable! Although they are from the passed collection, this set of brushes is a must-have!

I couldn't get this Pittura Brush Set 24 Karat Edition on Amazon for some reason. This was released in Sephora Singapore as well but it was sold out very quickly...=(


Hello Kitty Noir 5-piece Brush Set (US$55)

The 'bling' on the head stands out most. This was retailing at Sephora Singapore at S$79 and from what I heard, it was sold out on the first shipment together with the perfume roll and eyeshadow lip gloss palette. There was a second shipment last week but I am not sure if you can find it in store now.

The negative side of this adorable kitty - the head can be easily detached from the body, there is no screw or lock function. It works just like a holder, with the cover as the head. The brushes came out to be smaller then expected and the red is not as pretty as the pink (below).

This is the pink set that I bought for my friend. The design is more attractive when I first took it out of the box. This range is not a limited edition set and thus, retails at US$49.


Hello Kitty Noir Paddle Brush (US$30)

I was expecting a smaller brush that I can bring on for travels but this came out pretty big and heavy! This is a limited edition as well.


Hello Kitty Hand Held Mirror (US$35)

Sorry as this is for a friend, I will take a closer picture when mine arrives. From what I can see, this should be pretty big as well like the comb but not as heavy and the box is pretty for a gift too!


There are a couple of cute items from Hello Kitty Sephora Collaboration.

The last piece is a new limited edition compact mirror for 2012 - the year of the dragon. This retails at US$18.

If you are interested in these Hello Kitty items, you can get them through VPOST from Amazon.com as Singapore's Sephora only brings in a few items and not the full range. However, do take note that you would not be able to purchase it directly from Sephora.com if you do not have a US issued credit card. Happy shopping for the Holidays! ^.^


Guerlain Christmas Collection 2011!


I wasn't very interested in Guerlain's Collection this year except for the Météorites Perles de Nuit. I end up getting the mascara as well.

There was a promotion at Takashimaya where you spend S$100 and get a free makeover plus a free gift set. Sadly, I didn't get the gift set as the SA said that I must go through the makeover to get it.


Météorites Perles de Nuit is a limited edition and retails at S$81.

Comparing with last year's design and powder:

I prefer last year's design and powder as there were more pink and purple balls which helps to give the skin a radiant healthy glow. This year's powder are filled with more gold, silvery balls which does help in illuminating the skin but doesn't give that healthy flush.


Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara (S$58). This is not part of the Limited Edition Christmas Collection.

This is a 2 way mascara with a wand for the shorter lashes.

For the longer lashes:

For the shorter lashes:

I like the sleek design of the mascara but the product is totally not worth the money! The mascara smudges in less then 2 hours! I tried it twice and it happened on both times. It must be removed with a makeup eye remover and there wasn't much curl or length.


There is a lucky dip as well and I received this:

Eyeliner in Ivory


The other items in the collection:

Vol De Nuit

Parure de Nuit

Saw anything of interest in this collection?


Tiffany's Organiser!


This is a gift with purchase from WITH's 30th Anniversary -Tiffany's Special Book. The retail price is S$24.70 and I bought it during last week's Kinokuniya 20% sales.


Some of the features in the book with their lovely charms and rings!


The beautiful Tiffany's organiser although its pretty small its pretty handy to bring around in a small bag.

Well, if you are a fan of Tiffany's or in need of an organiser, do go down to Kinokuniya for one of these pretty blue diary! ^.^


Crabtree & Evelyn 2011 Sales!


This is what I purchased at the Crabtree & Evenlyn VIP sales on the second day. All the Hello Kitty sets were all sold out by then. =( Luckily, I managed to get the Lily Green Bear. It was one of the last few on the shelves when I was there around 8pm.

C&E year end sales is the perfect time to stock up on my supplies! With 30%-50% off, it provides the best excuse!


Summer Hill Bath & Shower Gel (S$35)

Summer Hill Body Powder (S$28)

Strawberry Indulgence Set

Hand Therapy Set (S$55)

The bigger sets were all sold out by then.

The free gift - they only had the Lily Bear left.

The cute scented bear

Happy Holidays! ^.^


Dior Holiday Le Vernis


Finally tried all 4 of the nail lacquers from Dior Christmas Collection. I love all 4 but Apparat really stands out from the rest.


221 Or Divin

Under different lighting:


611 Exquix


651 Merveille


871 Apparat

Thanks for reading! These should still be available at the Dior counters!


My 1st Christmas Present from Shu Uemura!!


Remember my previous post on Shu Uemura Holiday Collection Collaboration with Hong Kong Director Wong Kar Wai? (If not take a look here!) I entered the lucky draw and WON the gift set worth S$300!

This wonderful surprise came in this bag!

And the beautiful box!

Finally, the awesome gifts!


It came with 2 cleansing oil (100ml each)! I love these cleansing oil and heres more to try out.

Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in PK343.


Wong Kar Wai Collection - Glitter Mascara. I actually bought this beforehand, so most probably I will be giving this away.

WKW's Drowning in Flame Palette. I was choosing between this and the Burning in Water Palette previously and I bought the latter. So this is a great bonus!

I am so HAPPY to receive this! Thank you Shu Uemura for the fantastic gifts! ^.^


Shiseido 2011 Sales!!


Went to the Shiseido sales today without any intention to get anything...but..this is what I came home with...

I took the Maquillage Eye Colour N PK326 & PK144 first. These were retailing at S$8.

(Sorry will get  better photo in the day)

Next I took the Maquillage Face Creator for S$55.


I bought another serum!! The promoter was just too good! Shiseido White Lucent Concentrated Brightening Serum at S$50.

And Shiseido Future Solution Eye and Lip Cream at S$80.

Shiseido White Lucent Starter Kit with a cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

Sadly, I missed out on the stick foundations...=(


Watsons Haul!


Watsons held a members' only 30% sales on the 16th Nov at selected outlets. I was there at 1030pm and there were lots of people there! This is my haul!


Lots of Masks!

My priced item - Naruko's Raw Job's Tears Masks. This was the last box that I found accidently lying somewhere in the store. Felt so lucky as this was selling at a special price of S$16.90 compared to the original price of S$29.90.

My Diary Masks

This is for moisture.

For minimising pores.

Sexylook Hello Kitty Masks. These were going at 1 for 1. I bought these simply because its Hello Kitty. ^.^ One set is targets the pores and the other for whitening.


Hair product - Clinicare. I love this range!(you can find out more in my post here) All the conditioner for the Time-Renewal Series were sold out when I was there.



Brands Innershine. This is the new range of innershine has Grape Seed Extract and is promoted by Taiwanese Artiste Xiao S.

Blackmores's Evening Primrose Oil with Fish Oil was at 25% off.

Something for the Christmas Season too!

Did you go to the Watsons' sales? Grab anything good?


Chanel Les Scintillances Collection


The only product that interests me from the Chanel Christmas Collection is the highlighting powder (S$100).

The beautiful design

The design is inspired by the Baroque-style jewelry belt worn by Mademoiselle Chanel. I actually bought this with the intention of using it! Hopefully, the design will remain for sometime.. I am still considering the nail lacquer in Rouge Carat...should I? Hmmm...


Dior Christmas Collection!


I look forward to Dior's Christmas Collection every year. An array of products arranged for our visual pleasure. It was a disappointment when they did not release a specially designed Christmas item this year. They used to come out with such beautiful LEs like the Lady Dior compact and the Dice set.

Although without the special Christmas item, Dior came out with a range of Christmas products from palettes to lipsticks to nail lacquers, all in the spirit of Christmas! ^.^

These are some of the items that I picked out from this collection.

I wasn't planning on getting the Celebration Collection but the colours for the eyeshadow set were too tempting and I bought it. This retails at S$84. I bought this at Takashimaya and I didn't see this on display but you can request from the SA.

I wasn't too excited when I saw the design for this year's collection but look at the colours!

They are simply beautiful! Very useable and blends well together. The set includes a base shade, colour, highlight and an eyeliner.


I also purchased 3 out of 4 of the Christmas nail lacquers (S$35 each) on my first trip.

221 Or Divin

611 Exquix

871 Apparat

And me being me...I couldn't resist and went back the second time to get the last nail lacquer from the collection.

651 Merveille

They are all soooo lovely! I will do a post on the swatches of the lacquers soon! Stay tuned!


Decided to get a from the Rouge D'Or collection.

527 Versailles

The other colours from the collection:

(Taken from http://www.britishbeautyblogger.com/2011/10/dior-christmas-collection-2011-dior.html)

Overall, Dior's Christmas Collection is a must-have every year, be it their LE palette or the recent craze with their nail lacquers. All in all the products are beautiful, useable and has the 'colour' of Christmas in it which makes one happy whenever they see them. Do get one of their Christmas items to get into the spirit of the season! ^.^

*For more items from Dior's Christmas Collection 2011, do refer to my earlier post here.

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